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Jiao Ke Shu( Bacteriostatic)

    Functional nutrient raw material—Jiao Ke Shu® for Laying hens (Saccharomyces yeast culture) is a saccharomyces yeast fermentation products containing bacteriostatic active substance that is metabolically produced,which with natural high-quality feed material as a nutrient substrate, a proprietary yeast strain (SC-HKB14) with high activity and antibacterial activity,and a unique fermentation process. It has a very good antibacterial effect on gram-negative bacteria and positive bacteria, and can effectively reduce the use of antibiotics for feeding.



- Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and regulates the structure of intestinal flora;
- Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and promote intestinal development;
- Improve nutrient digestibility and reduce feeding costs;
- Improve the quality of livestock and poultry products.




- Safe and stable with feed grade high quality feed ingredients;
- Preferred characteristic proprietary strain, High yield of antibacterial active substances for fermentation metabolism;
- Only for intestinal pathogens, it has a promoting effect on intestinal beneficial bacteria;
- Strong stability, acid resistance, resistance to (stomach, pancreatic) protease, high temperature resistance.







-This product is light yellow to dark yellow powder, please store it in a dry and ventilated place, sealed and stored;
-Shelf life is 24 months;
-Product specifications are 25 kg/bag.