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Bright Moon, Neighbor Harmony——Celebration the Mid-Autumn Festival together

The moon is bright, the autumn wind is awkward, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. As a support organization for the party building of Zhongguancun Life Science Park and an active supporter of the park activities, Hong Ke Bio-Tech was invited by the party committee of the park to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival of the 2018 Zhongguancun Life Science Park.

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The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala of Zhongguancun Life Science Park was hosted by the Party Committee and Life Park Company of the Park. More than 100 companies from the park were invited to participate. The event featured mid-autumn cuisine, fun games and parties, and so on. In the entertainment, everyone felt the harmony and warmth of the big family in the park.

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The big party event ended in a perfect song "Tomorrow will be much better". Hong Ke staff actively participated in this event and strengthened their ties with the park and neighboring enterprises. Under the leadership of the party committee of the park, Hong Ke Bio-Tech will jointly contribute to the motherland's biomedical and health industry.



 As the only biofeed technology product development and promotion company in the park, Hong Ke Bio-Tech is grateful to the support of the party committees and organizations in the park. Thanks to the help of the neighboring enterprises, we hope that everyone will enjoy the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival and creates a brilliant life science park!