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--Implementing the talent strategy, establishing the strategic position of talent-led development, and striving to build a dedicated and innovative team of outstanding talents. We should gather talents in an all-round way, lay stress on consolidating the talent base for innovation and development, train and attract more excellent talents, and take the advantage and initiative in the comprehensive enterprise strength competition in the coming period.

--In the final analysis, enterprise competition is the competition of talents. To achieve great development, the most basic, most critical, and most urgent need is to convene and train high-quality talent teams. With the acceleration of the process of upgrading science and technology, the composition of enterprises has become increasingly complex, and the level of knowledge intensive has been continuously improved, which has placed new and higher requirements on the cultivation of enterprise talents.

--We must strengthen the sense of anxiety and urgency, uphold the concept that talent is the first resource,pay attention to the construction of talent teams in accordance with the requirements of starting a business and promoting the development of enterprises, and vigorously implement the talent strategy project to provide strong talent support for enterprises from survival to prosperity.

--Improve the talent training mechanism, reform the talent evaluation mechanism, innovate the talent flow mechanism, and improve the talent incentive mechanism. Highlighting the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, attracting and gathering more excellent talents with the wisdom, sincerity, courage, magnanimity and good recipe of gathering talents, and supporting the rapid development of science and technology enterprises with high-quality professionals.