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Beijing China-Agri Hong Ke Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in January 2013, is a national high technology enterprise focusing on animal food safety production, healthy aquaculture technology, new biological feed product research and development and market application.
        The company is headquartered in Zhongguancun Life Science Park, which is the core area of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. The R&D center is located in Nankou, Changping District of Beijing . The production plant is located in the North New Material Industrial Park of Panjin City, Liaoning Province. The land for the first phase is 40 mu, and the land for the second phase is 90 mu.

         We are committed to the development and promotion of new biological  feed technologies and products, and launch green biological feed products such as yeasts, oligosaccharides and plant extracts, and provide related technical support, achievement transfer and consulting services.
         The entrepreneurial management team is composed of high-level and multi-disciplinary talents, including 7 doctors and 12 masters; more than 10 well-known experts and scholars are invited to form enterprise expert advisory committee ; and three major platforms, namely, scientific research platform, marketing platform and management platform, are established to ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise.
         The R&D center carries out “ Industry-University-Research Collaboration " with the National  Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, the National  Marine Drug Engineering Technology Research Center, and the State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition to enhance the R&D strength and product competitiveness of the enterprise.
         Based on innovative research and development, we provide "green and healthy" new biological feed products and technologies with the aim of serving the industry and customers, and create an excellent enterprise brand to guarantee the safe production of animal food.